Robeson County commissioners clear incentives for $28 million Elkay Plumbing Products plant

The I95-I74 interchange area (Google Maps)

The Robeson County Board of Commissioners has approved an incentives package for Elkay Plumbing Products, where SFG Lumberton NC LLC will build a $28 million structure and lease it to the manufacturer.

Commissioners unanimously approved the Joint Economic Development Agreement incentives package on Aug. 17 after a public hearing. In it, the county agrees to “make available economic grants to the Company in an amount equal to the percentage of the County property tax revenue attributable to the value of the real estate (‘Real Estate Tax grants’) and personal property (‘Personal Property Tax Grants’) taxes paid with respect to the Project (together the ‘Tax Grants’).”

The awarding of the tax grants is contingent upon the “timely completion” of the facility, a minimum property investment of $5.5 million and the creation of 20 new jobs at the site. The company has three years to meet those obligations, The Robesonian reported, citing to the agreement.

“So, as the Board is very aware, we’ve been working with Elkay and in partnership with Robeson County and the City of Lumberton to develop an industrial park at the intersection of I-95/I-74 strategically placed in a way for companies to be able to ingress and egress out of that particular park,” said Channing Jones, executive director of Robeson County Economic Development.

He said one of the major requirements to gain state incentives for the development was to have control of the park and an anchor tenant, which is Elkay.

“We view this incentives (agreement) as a vote of confidence in our continued growth and engagement in the county. We are humbled, we are proud, grateful in the trust from the state and the county to give us these incentives to move forward,” said Gregg Baran, director of Sink Operations for Elkay Plumbing Products in Lumberton.

Baran said the company should start building soon. “We are thrilled to see the plans for the industrial park begin to take shape.”


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