Prevalent occupations among Hispanics in NC construcion industry


The Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas (HCAC) recently conducted an analysis of the construction specialties that hire the highest number of Hispanics in the Carolinas. The HCAC reviewed a group of 275 business owners and workers.
The results were as follows:

  • 162 Business Owners
  • 113 Workers

The main specialties among this group of people were:

  • Drywall: 26%
  • Painting: 24%
  • Framing: 17%
  • Roofing: 16%
  • Concrete: 13%
  • Remodeling & Renovations: 12%
  • Carpentry: 10%
  • Masonry: 7%
  • Flooring: 7%
  • Plumbing: 6%

This information was captured from people working in Charlotte, the Triangle and the Triad.  Charlotte is the city with the highest number of contractors and workers, followed by Raleigh and Winston Salem. This survey information will allow the HCAC to determine the best courses and training sessions to offer to better serve the interest of the Hispanic construction community in the region. It will also help the association be more aware of the areas where the HCAC can recommend subs for work opportunities. Read More.


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