Election season — Associations raise funds to support friendly candidates

elections ahead

As the fall election campaign moves into high gear, construction industry association Political Action Committees (PACs) are encouraging their members (as individuals rather than companies) to make contributions as the committees select which political candidates to support.

Data available from the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) shows political action committees associated with the Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC), the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of the Carolinas, and the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) have been active through the past several years.

CAGC PAC encourages contributions, outlines objectives

In terms of dollar amounts, the committee funds and their candidate allocations appear to be modest – with the NCHBA having significantly more funds to disburse than the two associations representing interests in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

Carolinas AGC NC PAC

State filings show that the CAGC had collected $11,617.88 from individuals and nonprofits in the quarter ending June 30.  After disbursing $25,657.72, the committee had $19,141.71 on hand at the end of the quarter.

Notably, the committee’s largest contributions both recently and to date has been to senator Phil Berger, who received $3,100 in the last quarter and a cumulative total of $15,600, significantly higher than Gov. Pat McRory at $4,500.

(First number is contributions during quarter; bracketed number is total contribution from the PAC).

Contributions included:

Bill Brawley Committee, $1,000, ($1,800)

Bishop for Senate, NC, $1,000 ($1,000)

Campaign to Elect Mike Hager, NC, $1,000 ($6,000)

Citizens for Buck Newton, $500 ($500)

Citizens for Dan Blue, $1,000 ($2,000)

Citizens to Elect Kathy Harrington, $1,000 ($2,250)

Committee to Elect Chad Barefood, $500 ($500)

Committee to Elect Republican Women, $500 ($2,000)

Friends of Tim Moore, $2,100 ($4,350)

Friends to Elect John Torbett, $2,000 ($2,600)

Harry Brown for NC Senate, $2,000 ($4,500)

Jason Saine Committee, $500 ($500)

Jeff Jackson for NC Senate, $500 ($500)

Jerry W. Tillman for NC Senate, $1,000 ($1,750)

John Bell Committee, $1,000 ($1,000)

John Stein for Attorney General, $500 ($750)

Ken Goodman for NC House, $500 ($500)

McGrady Campaign Committee, $500 ($500)

NC Republican House Caucus, $1,000 ($2,000)

NC Republican Senate Caucus, $1,000 ($1,000)

Phil Berger Committee, $3,100 ($15,600)

Phil Shepard for NC House, $500 ($500)

Rodney Moore for NC House, $500 ($500)

Stephen Ross Committee, $500 ($800)

The John R Bradfond III Committee, $500 ($500)

The Pat McRoy Committee, $1,000 ($4,500)


The North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) PAC meanwhile reported it had collected $51,429.96 in the second quarter, and had $193,646.77 on hand at the end of the quarter.

Campaign contributions included:

Andy Wells, $250 ($2,750)

Barbary Beatty Campaign Committee, $150 ($150)

Berger for Judge, $500 ($500)

Buck Newton, $2,000 ($2,000)

Committee to Elect Republican Women, $750 ($1,500)

Dan Hunsucker Campaign Committee, $150 ($150)

Jay Adams Campaign Committee, $200 ($700)

Larry Strickland Campaign Committee, $250 ($250)

Larry Yoder Campaign Committee, $150 ($150)

Marcopolis for Commissioner, $500 ($500)

Mitch Setzer Campaign Committee, $200 ($700);

NC Republican Senate Committee, $1,000 ($1,000);

NCDP House Caucus, $500 ($500) NCDP Senate Caucus, $500 ($500)

North Carolina Republican House Caucus, $1,000 ($2,000)

Paul Newton Campaign Committee, $500 ($500)

Rick Horner Campaign Committee, $250 ($250)

Ryan Mayberry, $500 ($500) Scott Stone, $250 ($250)

Troy Sigman Campaign Committee, $150 ($150).

ABC Carolinas PAC

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Carolinas, meanwhile, reported no disbursements during the second quarter, but raised some money, ending up with a balance of $30,647.48. It reported receipts of $2,871.03 during the quarter.

Details about funds collected and disbursed, and other PAC details, are available from the NCSBE at https://www.ncsbe.gov/Campaign-Finance/report-search.


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