FMI Corporation releases 2021 AEC compensation surveys


Management consultant and investment banker FMI Corporation has released the 2021 Construction Professional & Executive, Homebuilders Professional & Executive and Benefits Surveys.

“Given the scarcity of construction-industry talent, attracting and retaining people requires understanding how compensation and total rewards packages can help your company compete,” the Raleigh-based consultant says in a statement.  “FMI Compensation offers a holistic picture of total rewards, including benefits, vehicles, pay practices and other compensation tools to create rewards that align with industry best practices. This proprietary data can be accessed on the company’s interactive website.”

The list of released 2021 surveys includes:

  • Construction & Homebuilders Professional provides compensation data primarily for non-union professionals.
  • The Executive Survey offers compensation data for executives, company leaders and other construction professionals.
  • Benefits and Pay Practices contains data on benefits and pay practices for construction and homebuilders.

“The release of these survey products in July renews our commitment to providing our customers the timely data necessary to see how their compensation, benefits and executive plans compare across the industry,” said Peter Cregger, FMI’s chief data officer.

“This information is vital in developing comprehensive total reward plans that are competitive and cost effective. FMI’s survey products allow for detailed understandings of compensation and benefit offerings across construction professionals, executives, homebuilders and engineering. Enabling customers to truly understand how their specific compensation and benefit data compares within the industry allows for fact-based, data-driven decisions.”

FMI says it has been providing market compensation data to the AEC industry for more than 26 years.

To learn more about FMI’s Salary and Benefits surveys visit:


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