Subcontractor group calls for bid listing on Federal construction projects


The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) urged General Services Administration rulemakers, who are finalizing rules to increase transparency in federal contracting, to require bid listing.  See comments.

ASA believes that prime contractors should be required to list first tier subcontract information with their bids, rather than after the prime contractor is awarded the contract. This practice, known as bid listing, gives contracting officers the information they need to effectively oversee projects and be good stewards of taxpayer dollars from day one.

With bid listing, agencies will be able to demand greater accountability before the contract is signed. Further, taxpayers will have access to more information that will allow them to demand greater fiscal discipline.

Under the interim rule that is currently in effect, contractors must submit first-tier subcontract information one month after contract award.

“This interim rule only puts a deadline on bid shopping and bid peddling,” ASA notes. In addition, the subcontractor organization continues to seek congressional support for federal legislation, H.R. 3492, which would mandate bid listing on federal construction projects valued at $1 million or more.

For more information on bid listing and H.R. 3492, click Here.


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