Transportation investment proposal will give needed boost to hard-hit construction industry


On Sept. 6, President Obama called on Congress to enact legislation providing $50 billion as the initial investment in a six-year construction program. The president said the funds would be used to rebuild and modernize the country’s energy and communications infrastructure, air-traffic control system, roads, railways and runways. Read the president’s speech at

In response to the president’s proposal for new transportation investment, the Associated General Contractors of America noted that countless thousands of construction workers will have a better chance of retaining their jobs, but that the most effective sequel to the stimulus is passage of a fully funded six-year surface transportation bill.

The transportation investment proposal, while needed, is no substitute for long–overdue six–year surface transportation bill, observed association head Stephen E. Sandherr.

“The President clearly appreciates that the infrastructure–focused portions of the stimulus were effective in boosting employment and helping rebuild America’s aging infrastructure. And while the most effective sequel to the stimulus is passing a fully funded six–year surface transportation bill, countless thousands of construction workers will have a better chance of retaining their jobs thanks to this proposal than they otherwise would once the stimulus runs its course.”

“Like others, we are anxious to learn more details about the President’s proposal, and hope that this proposal receives the bipartisan consideration and support investing in our country’s economic infrastructure ought to merit. After all, the American people are counting on both parties to begin tackling the nation’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure deficit.”

“Meanwhile, we will continue our vigorous work in support of swift passage of the fuller, long–overdue, surface transportation bill,” Sandherr added.

On Wednesday the association held a “Sick of Aging Roads?” event in Des Moines, in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other groups involved in the Americans for Transportation Mobility and the Transportation Construction Coalition. Read More.

Read the president’s speech Here.


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