Scout Motors selects South Carolina for $2 billion production site


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Scout Motors Inc. will build its first manufacturing plant near Columbia, South Carolina to produce all-electric, next-generation trucks and rugged SUVs.

At full capacity, the $2 billion site will produce more than 200,000 Scout vehicles annually.

“We’re honored to partner with South Carolina to usher in this new era for Scout,” said Scout Motors president and CEO Scott Keogh. “Scout has been an American icon since introducing an SUV in 1960. It’s the vehicle that took your family on a camping trip, that gave access to the great outdoors, and that showed up on the job site every morning.

“Today, we’re reimagining Scout’s original ingenuity and electrifying its future. We’re bringing the Scout spirit to South Carolina and it’s going to be a hell of a ride.”The Blythewood Industrial Site, off Interstate 77, spans approximately 1,600 acres, with the plant itself occupying 1,100 acres. Vehicle production is targeted to begin by the end of 2026.

“Scout Motors’ commitment to such a significant economic investment – among the largest South Carolina has ever seen – is an exciting development for a well-deserving region of our state,” speaker of the House of Representatives Murrell Smith. “This commitment will truly be transformative to not only the Midlands, but to the entire state, and will provide opportunity for decades and generations to come.”


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