SCDOT Commission approves 2025 Pavement Improvement Plan


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission has approved the Agency’s 2025 Pavement Improvement Program by adding another $719 million to the previous $3.6 billion in pavement improvements across the state since the Strategic 10-Year plan was implemented.

This is the eighth year of an accelerated pavement improvement program and this action by the Commission adds another 727 miles of roadway to the more than 8,800 miles of completed and ongoing road work.

“We are grateful to our Governor and the General Assembly for their bold action to invest in our road and bridge network in South Carolina and we are putting those dollars to work in pavement improvements,” said Commission Chair Pamela Christopher. “As a Commission, we recognize that there is more work to do and this action is another step towards improving pavement on our roadways across South Carolina, ensuring safe and efficient travel for everyone.”

The Strategic 10-Year Plan was implemented after a significant increase in funding provided by the General Assembly in the 2017 Roads Bill. The increased and sustainable revenue stream gave the agency the opportunity to make steady strides toward improving the highway system in South Carolina. The program focuses on four key areas including highway safety, bridges, road resurfacing and interstate capacity.

“There is no question that the transportation system in South Carolina is critical to our future as a state and to the prosperity of all South Carolinians,” said Secretary of Transportation Justin P. Powell. “With the implementation of the Strategic 10-Year Plan in 2018, we invested a significant amount of the new gas tax in improving our pavements and catching up on more than 30 years of deferred maintenance on our system

“Yesterday’s report shows that we are well on the way to meeting our goal and I’m pleased with the progress we’re making to improve the transportation network here in South Carolina.”

View the current list of roads included in the 2025 Pavement Improvement Program: 2025 Pavement Improvement Program (


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