Raleigh launches North Carolina’s first ADU Gallery


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Raleigh launched North Carolina’s first ADU Fast Track program today: This new program will make constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) a more accessible process for Raleigh homeowners. Fast Track plans have been reviewed for Building Code compliance before becoming part of an online ADU gallery,

Gallery and purchase plans (from the designer) will be available at a fee far below the typical design cost. Property owners who are interested in purchasing plans from the ADU gallery can contact the designer directly.

A nationwide call for gallery designs was held in early 2022 with a total of 46 submissions that were reviewed by a jury of local designers and industry experts. Eleven designs were chosen, and two honorable mentions were named.

ADUs can fill a small but important niche in equitable housing supply. They offer a range of benefits for residents:

  • Increases supply of relatively more affordable housing wherever they are built. The small size and absence of land costs often lead to the units renting at lower rates than apartments in the same neighborhood.
  • Offers a more desirable housing type for renters who don’t want to live in larger, multifamily communities.
  • Provide aging homeowners the opportunity to move into a smaller, more accessible home in their backyard while retaining their larger, main house for family or renters. This is often referred to as “aging in place.”
  • Be ideal homes for people with disabilities or medical challenges for whom closer family attention and care are necessary.
  • Be a source of needed additional income for many types of households.

Fast Track ADUs are considered new single-family dwellings and can be applied for via the permit and development portal. Read more about building an ADU in Raleigh.

Other U.S. cities, including Stockton and Los Angeles, have already implemented programs to streamline ADU construction and bring down the costs of construction.


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