NCPMA lobbies for HB 482 to overcome employer/contractor misclassification


The North Carolina Plumbing and Mechanical Association says legislation to deal with employee/contractor misclassification will go to a floor vote on Monday, August 10, and has called on its members to let legislators know they support the new law.

The association said in a notice to members they should “take action” and contact their state representatives to vote ¬†“yes” for HB 482.

“Employer misclassification and payroll fraud are growing problems that provide an unfair advantage to unscrupulous businesses over law-abiding businesses,” the association said in its call-to-action. “These are not honest mistakes but business practices that fraudulently misclassify employees as independent contractors in order to save costs and win contract bids unlawfully. This practice hurts workers and honest businesses, and costs the state millions of dollars.”

“HB 482 does not create any new regulations or put any new requirements on businesses,” says the NCPMA. “Instead, HB 482 will make sure NC agencies do a better job of coordinating efforts aimed at enforcing existing laws. The bill will help change the current model where cheaters do not think they will ever be caught.”


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