NC subcontractors association supports lien law study group


Members of the American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas (ASAC) are unhappy with lien/bond law proposed legislation (HB 489) introduced this year in the NC General Assembly. However the association supports the formation of a legislative study group to help resolve many of the issues in the NC lien and bond law statues (44A).

Nan Hannah, chair of the NC Bar Association’s Construction Law Section, predicts HB 489 will not be acted upon by the House Judiciary Subcommittee B this session. However, she observes a number of construction industry groups feel that a study commission would be an acceptable means of keeping the conversation alive, allowing the various constituent groups the time and forum to have serious conversations to improve the proposed legislation.

Hannah also suggests a study group would allow the Construction Law Section the opportunity to continue working on some of the issues not currently included in HB 489 which need to be considered.

House Judiciary Subcommittee B Chairman Rep. Paul Stam has indicated that a study commission is possible only if he hears from those in the industry that there is a desire for one. ASAC says it supports the idea of keeping the ball moving forward, continuing the discussions, and working to find and adopt a workable solution to the numerous problems with the current lien/bond law.

Other industry groups that want to add their support for a study commission should immediately contact Judiciary Subcommittee B chairman Rep. Paul Stam by email at or call his office at 919-362-8873. Co-chairman Rep. Grier Martin can also be contacted at or 919-733-5758.


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