Griffin Electric’s Charlotte region wiring new Pineville Town Hall and Library

pineview town hall rendering

Subcontractor Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. says it is providing electrical and telecommunications installation work on a new Town Hall and Library in Pineville Construction for the two-story, 43,088-sq. ft. project is expected to be completed in the Summer of 2022.

The Mecklenburg County Library on the first floor of the structure will be the only public library within Pineville’s town limits. The top floor will include office space for town services, a 2,000-sq. ft. council chamber, as well as a main data/server room. The building’s entryway includes a shared two-story lobby.

Griffin Electric is a subcontractor to the construction manager at risk, Edifice LLC of Charlotte. Other project members are Creech & Associates, PLLC and CMTA, both of Charlotte, who are serving as the architect and the electrical engineer, respectively.

Under the direction of Region Manager Tim Passatore, the Charlotte Griffin team is responsible for the installation of lighting fixtures, occupancy sensors, and branch circuit wiring to provide a complete lighting system on-site. Griffin Electric is also tasked with installing a complete lightning protection system, complete fire alarm and elevator lobby two-way communication system, as well as wiring for distribution equipment and a 300 kW back-up generator.

The building’s telecommunications systems, security systems, and audio / visual equipment will be furnished and installed by Griffin’s telecom division, which is led by telecommunication division manager Keith Sanborn.


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