DNC convention opens prequalification process for subs


Construction prequalification forms are now available on the Democratic National Convention vendor directory website reports the Charlotte Business Journal.  A team of firms – Rodgers Builders, Hunt Construction and H.J. Russell and Co.  are overseeing the work as construction managers for the temporary remodel and restoration of the downtown arena.  Subcontractors must send in prequalification forms by March 1 to be considered.

“This is a great opportunity for local businesses to get a piece of the action,” says Kimberlin Love, DNCC Director of Hall Operations, in a statement. “But to be eligible to bid on the packages that will become available in the spring, businesses must go through the prequalification process. And the vendor directory is the hub for this activity.”

Already, more than 1,700 businesses have registered through the directory for a variety of opportunities.

When it comes to the arena’s existing contracts with vendors, officials say those agreements will remain in effect during the convention that starts Sept. 3. Any extraordinary work will be advertised as a request for proposals on the vendor directory as needed.

The subcontractor pre-qualification process is tied directly to construction work, such as electrical, carpentry, painting and wall covering, drywall, IT/cabling, metal framing and millwork.

Also needed are companies that handle removal, storage and reinstallation of arena seating; construction cleaning and post convention custodial work; and the rigging, transportation and storing of materials, both on site and off.

Arena remodeling will need acoustical panel ceilings, fencing and barricades, scaffolds, platforms and handrails.

In the meantime, the Hargrove/Rodgers Russell Hunt construction management team will meet with business membership groups in North and South Carolina to spread the word about the subcontracting work. The team’s planning for the arena is ongoing.  According to Pat Rodgers of Rodgers Russell Hunt, the scope of work and bid packages will be released once the prequalification process is complete. Read More.


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