Construction jobs decline 2.8 percent in NC


The number of construction jobs in North Carolina declined 2.8 percent over  the past year, according to the News and Observer based on data released  from the Associated General  Contractors of America. Between October 2010 and last month, the state lost 4,900 jobs, with total  construction employment dropping from 175,000 to 170,600.  The AGC calculates the  numbers by analyzing data collected by the U.S. Department of Labor. That percentage decline ranked North Carolina 39th among the country’s 50  states.

The construction industry has been mired in one of its worst downturns  on record. The credit crunch combined with the bursting of the residential  housing bubble has led to a severe decline in ommercial and residential real  estate construction.

  Construction employment rose in half the states over the past year, according  to the AGC. The top performing states were North Dakota and Oklahoma, places that have  benefited from construction related to the energy industry. Construction  employment declined the most in Georgia, dropping 9.5 percent, or 13,800 jobs.


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