Gas cap tax issue surfacing in NC House


The Carolinas Associated General Contractors report some legislators are pushing to lower or cap the gas tax while the  General Assembly reconvenes  for what is expected to be a short session  of only a couple of days or so.

The  issue did not surface, despite reports that it could, when the NC General  Assembly recently held a brief session. That’s partly because of help from NC Go, a coalition of which Carolinas AGC is a  founding member, in leading efforts in getting nearly 2,000 emails to  legislators urging them not to cap the gas and jeopardize road funding. The  email messages centered around the fact that capping the gas tax would place  more than 7,000 jobs at risk and set our state back  just when we need to be  fueling job growth and investing in infrastructure that attracts and retains  businesses

House Majority Leader Paul “Skip”  Stam, R-Wake, said some people seem to want the gas tax lowered while increasing road  funding. The tax is dedicated for road building and maintenance. In July, the  tax went up to 35 cents per gallon, one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.  A portion of the tax rises or falls, every six months, based on the wholesale price  of gas.

Consideration  of the issue might require some procedural tricks by legislators. The  adjournment resolution approved by legislators earlier this month limits the  legislation that can be considered in the upcoming reconvened session. Stam  said the issue, if considered, might have to be part of a conference report  already being negotiated by legislators. Read More.


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