Carteret museum expansion could bring $46.3 million and 456 jobs

Courtesy of North Carolina Maritime Museum

Expanding Beaufort’s North Carolina Maritime Museum could $46.3 million and 456 jobs to Carteret County, according to an economic study unveiled by the Maritime Heritage Foundation.

The project to expand the museum to the long-vacant Gallants Channel property may soon be underway, The Daily News reports.

The study, conducted by ConsultEcon, examined the impact of a proposed 80,000-sq.-ft. museum structure. Per James Stevens, senior associate at ConsultEcon, the project would cost about $60 million and would take up to 10 years to complete.

The study also examined a short-term teaser project of a 4,000-sq.-ft. Maritime Center that could be a venue for maritime science programs, events and festivals hosted by the Friends of North Carolina Maritime Museum. The project could cost about $4.5 million, according to Stevens.


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