CAGC announces 2016 safety awards winners

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Several Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) members were honored for outstanding safety records and initiatives at the CAGC Divisions’ Conference in July.

“Also noted are those members recognized with an Award of Excellence by the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program, which compares AGC members’ safety records nationwide based on member size and construction type,” the CAGC announcement said.

Summit Award

Awarded to Presidential Award winners (see Presidential listing below Summit) with the highest work hours and zero incident rates for their divisions.

B.R.S., Inc. – Utility Division (NASA winner)
Choate Construction Co. – Building Division
Concord Builders, Inc. – Utility Division (NASA winner)
ER Lewis Construction Co., Inc. – Highway Division
Group III Management, Inc. – Building Division (NASA winner)
Harper Corporation General Contractors – Building Division (NASA winner)
Heyworth Plumbing Co. Inc. – Specialty Division (NASA winner)
Morgan Corp. – Highway Division
NHM Constructors, Inc. – Federal & Heavy Division
O C Mitchell Jr., Inc. – Building Division
Precision Walls, Inc. – Specialty Division (NASA winner)
W.B. Guimarin & Co. – Specialty Division

Presidential Award

Awarded to companies who have zero incident rates for their divisions.

American South General Contractors, Inc. – Building Division (NASA winner)
Bahnson Mechanical Systems – Specialty Division
Beam Construction Co., Inc. – Building Division
Blue Rock Structures, Inc. – Building Division (NASA winner)
Bordeaux Construction Co., Inc. – Building Division
Carmel Contractors – Building Division (NASA winner)
Concrete Pipe & Precast, LLC. – Federal & Heavy Division
D H Griffin Construction Co., LLC – Building Division
Daniels & Daniels Construction Company – Building Division (NASA winner)
Hood Construction – Building Division (NASA winner)
J L Construction Co., Inc. – Utility Division (NASA winner)
Lee Construction Co. of the Carolinas, Inc. – Highway Division
Pinnix, Inc. – Building Division
R.E. Burns & Sons Company, Inc. – Highway Division
Rodgers Builders – Building Division
Romeo Guest Associates, Inc. – Building Division (NASA winner)
Salem Electric Co. – Specialty Division
T A Loving Co. -Building Division
T C Strickland Construction – Building Division
Thompson Turner Construction – Building Division (NASA winner)

Merit Award

Awarded to companies whose incident rates are at least 75% below the national average for their work hour division.

Corman Construction, Inc. – Highway Division (NASA winner)
Crowder Construction Co. – Federal & Heavy Division
Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc. – Highway Division

Achievement Award

Awarded to companies whose incident rates are below the national average for their work hour divisions.

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. – Highway Division
C R Jackson, Inc. – Highway Division
State Utility Contractors, Inc. – Utility Division
Thalle Construction Company – Federal & Heavy Division
W.O. Grubb Crane Rental – Specialty Division
Wayne Brothers, Inc. – Building Division (NASA winner)


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