Wake County Schools: Projects in the works and planned


Even as Wake County Schools starts planning for new schools based on its recently approved $1.98 billion Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) , the district continues work on projects approved in an $998 million, CIP 2013, which includes the construction of 15 new schools and five major school renovations.

CIP 2013 also includes startup construction funding for renovation of three additional schools, technology upgrades, and repairs and equipment replacements at 119 schools.

The 15 new schools approved in 2013 include two high schools, three middle schools and 10 elementary schools. Garner High, along with Brooks, Green, Lincoln Heights, and Rolesville elementary schools were on the 2013 list. Startup funding was also included for renovation of Apex High School, East Wake Middle School and Stough Elementary School, which are being funded in the most recent capital budget allocations.


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