ASAC subcontractors respond to latest lien law draft changes


The American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas (ASAC) has contacted its members regarding the latest developments on the proposed North Carolina lien/bond law revisions. Executive Director Linda Burkett has advised ASAC members to forward comments to the NC Bar Association’s Construction Law Section as soon as possible. “Your voice needs to be heard before this draft is sent to the legislature,” Burkett said. “This should be done immediately as we have less than a two week window to respond.”

The NCBA Construction Law Section has drafted proposed legislation and is seeking consensus to have legislation proposed during the current 2011 session. The drafting subcommittee has shared with ASAC and other interested stakeholders an updated draft which incorporates some of suggestions and revisions arising out of the January 4 industry “Summit” and follow up e-mails from interested parties. The drafting subcommittee is asking for industry comments before the Construction Law Council takes up this issue at its February 18 meeting. Review the new draft proposals Here.

An executive summary has been compiled by the drafting subcommittee to explain the most recent revisions. It includes some comments and suggestions which have been posed by members of the larger committee. Click Here.

The NCBA Construction Law Section is comprised of lawyers who spend some portion of their practice dealing with issues involving the construction industry. The section is governed by an elected council acting as a representative body. On February 18, the council will discuss the matter and vote to determine whether the proposed legislation is ready to be sent to the legislature or whether they needs to keep working and turn their eyes to the 2013 session. With the upcoming meeting in mind, contractors may respond to the gmail account at or contact any of the council members with their suggestions or concerns. The list of council members is found Here. Read More.


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