Anti-fog product tests positive at Camp Lejune jobsite


At San Juan Construction, a general contractor currently working at Camp Lejune and Cherry Point, the company motto is, “Safety first, people always.” Safety glasses on the job are standard, and now Defog It anti fog has been added to the safety gear after on-the-jobsite testing at a Camp Lejune construction site, part of the MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) project.

Heat and humidity, changing temperatures, and cold can trigger fogged eyewear.   In a construction workplace, perspiration from exertion can also be a factor.  “Heat and humidity are usually the problem,” says Josh Hollingshead, the Project Cost Controller on the North Carolina job. “In the summer it’ll get up to 100% humidity sometimes.”

San Juan had tried other anti fog products with limited success, so it was decided to test Defog It in a real-world working situation.   A field test was arranged with Defog It supplying samples for the crew.  The results proved positive..  “They really work great,”  Hollingshead reported.

“No worker should ever have to take of their safety glasses because of fogging,” says John Swett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Defog It by Nanofilm.  “That’s why Defog It is formulated to prevent fog in the toughest environments.”

Case studies are available at the Defog It website,, along with research and whitepapers on preventing eye injuries, demonstration videos and product information.  First used by the military worldwide, Defog It anti fog is proven in the toughest workplace environments where heat, cold, humidity and exertion cause fogged safety eyewear.  Defog It is available as a liquid or reusable cloths and is safe and effective on safety glasses, goggles and faceshields.  Read More.



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