Aluminum shortage delaying home construction in Triangle

aluminum house situation

A nationwide aluminum shortage is slowing down home construction across the Triangle.

The Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County says the shortage is leading to a large spike in items made of aluminum, like gutters and windows and it’s taking a longer number to get shipments of those supplies, CBS-7 has reported.

“When lumber was super high, we went to metal studs. Now because of that, aluminum’s gone up a lot,” the broadcaster quoted David Price, owner of David Price Construction and the HBA’s vice-president, as saying.

Many builders are delaying projects as a result.

In one case, Price reportedly signed a contract a couple of weeks ago for a home exterior project. “We can’t start it for 15 weeks because the windows won’t be in for 15 weeks,” he said. That’s how long the wait time is now.”


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