AGC publishes safety tips

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The Associated General Contractors (AGC) has published a document with 13 specific steps to improve construction worksite safety.

“The new safety measures were needed to address a growing influx of new and inexperienced workers that is contributing to an increase in the number of construction fatalities,” AGC says. “These tips as well as other resources are now available on AGC’s Safety and Health webpage.

“After making significant progress in reducing the total number of (nationwide) construction fatalities from a record high of 1,239 in 2006 to a record low of 738 in 2011, the total number of construction fatalities has once again begun to increase.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 874 construction workers – residential and commercial – died in 2014. So we are urging all firms, regardless of their size, to take the following 13 steps to further improve workplace safety with a special focus on making sure the growing number of new and relatively inexperienced workers joining many firms have the training needed to protect themselves and their co-workers.”

Here is a direct link to the pdf file with the 13 tips.


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