3rd Annual Summer Construction Conference to be held in August

Safran law

Safran Law and BB&T are hosting the third annual Annual Summer Construction Conference in Raleigh.

One of our topics this year will be a panel discussion on unmanned aerial vehicles, more familiarly known as drones,” the Safran Law Office blog reports. “There has been a lot of legal activity regarding drones of late.  The NC House passed a bill to regulate drones in the state just today. The FAA has been considering national rules for commercial use of drones.  In the latest season of 24, Jack Bauer may or may not have averted disaster in London relating to hijacked drones.  (The SLO Blog knows better than to publish spoilers!)  So it is a hot topic, and we hope our audience will enjoy learning more about these developments.”

The event will be held on Aug. 6.

You can purchase tickets here.