30-foot Frosty erected in Durham


Check out the larger than life Frosty the Snowman in Durham. Some of the scaffold erectors at Associated Scaffolding took it upon themselves, after their regular shift, to erect a 30-foot tall Frosty The Snowman at their Durham facility on Geer Street. The 2,000 pound “System Scaffold” structure took them over 22 man-hours to erect. For each 20 inches of height, the diameter of Frosty first increased then decreased to complete his rotund shape. The “System Scaffold” allows this kind of adjustment. After the structure was complete, the Associated team wrapped it with 6,000 lights to outline Frosty’s shape. It is Associated Scaffolding’s hope that their neighbors as well as residents in Durham will enjoy Frosty as much as their erectors enjoyed creating it. They are already making plans for next year’s display. See more pictures Here.


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