Updated ConsensusDOCS reflects latest industry practices


The ConsensusDOCS Coalition updated its core construction contracts to better reflect today’s construction industry, including the latest laws and best practices. All ConsensusDOCS users receive free access to the new documents within their subscription package.

These changes include a better incorporation of building information modeling (BIM), green construction considerations, and claims mitigation to encourage better project results.

In the three years since the initial release of ConsensusDOCS, the design and construction industry has changed dramatically. The ConsensusDOCS Coalition wanted to continue to lead rather than wait and react. ConsensusDOCS received extensive industry feedback and a wide range of experts’ most recent thinking to make the best standard construction contracts even better.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. ConsensusDOCS contracts are the first and only industry standard contracts written by 31 leading construction organizations. For more information or questions, click Here.


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