The U.S. Green Building Council – North Carolina Chapter lights up the NC Zoo for Green Apple Day of Service

nc green day

In honor of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Center for Green Schools’ Green Apple Day of Service, the USGBC North Carolina Chapter and LED innovator, Cree, Inc. upgraded the multipurpose room at the North Carolina Zoo with high-quality and energy-efficient LED lighting, UGBC NC said in a news release. During an interactive day of service on Nov. 10, local officials joined USGBC NC, Cree and students involved in the Zoo’s Asheboro High School Science Program to install the new lighting and learn how high-performance LED technology supports better, more energy-efficient learning environments.

“Where we learn matters,” said USGBC NC executive director Emily Scofield. “Green building improvements like better lighting can enhance the learning environment for our students and save energy. Green Apple Day of Service demonstrates our support of North Carolina’s students, educators and administrators by helping them achieve brighter spaces for education.”

Now in its fourth year, the Green Apple Day of Service aims to improve school environments through service projects, education, community events and more – uniting and encouraging advocates from around the world to take action in their communities through service projects at local schools.

Through the Day of Service, students, teachers, parents, elected officials, organizations, and companies have the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient and productive learning places. Locally, the USGBC NC’s vast network of champions will demonstrate the strength and breadth of our movement, leaving a meaningful and lasting local impact on our world’s schools. More than a dozen Green Apple Day projects are planned in North Carolina for 2015.

Many of today’s schools are beset by a host of challenges that impact lighting, indoor air quality and ventilation; all of which can impact our children’s ability to learn. These challenges may also compromise our children’s health and wellness, causing everything from asthma to headaches and concentration issues.

High-quality LED lighting provides exceptional clarity and consistent full-spectrum illumination, making schools a brighter place to learn, teach and work – all while helping reduce energy costs. Thanks to long lifespans, the LED lighting also frees up facility personnel, limiting classroom disruptions to replace short-lived fixtures, while providing better, more consistent illumination.

“The Green Apple Day of Service is helping transform schools into sustainable and healthy places to live, learn, work and play while educating a new generation of consumers and leaders capable of driving global market transformation,” said Scofield.


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