Syngenta to build its North American Crop Protection HQ in Greensboro


Syngenta has selected its current campus location on Swing Rd. in Greensboro to redevelop its North American Crop Protection headquarters.

The company intends to construct a more than 100,000 sq.-ft. office building to connect with its existing laboratory facility on the north side of the 70-acre campus. Plans also include a complete renovation of the lab facilities. The new workspaces will support about 650 employees and 100 contract workers.

The redeveloped headquarters will include contemporary work and conference spaces, health, wellness and fitness centers, a cafeteria, auditorium, coffee areas, and other amenities. In addition, a Customer Experience Center is planned for the company to showcase the innovative products and services it continually provides customers. Employee health, safety and work effectiveness will be key factors in the design and construction.

Construction is expected to begin on the new building later in 2021; the entire project will take about three years to complete.

Syngenta is assessing options for the south side of its campus.


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