Study committee to review and recommend revisions to NC lien law


Nan E Hannah, NCBA Construction Law Section Immediate Past Chair, reports the North Carolina Legislature has voted to create a study committee to review and recommend revisions to Chapter 44A (“the Lien Law”). The study committee will be comprised entirely of elected officials (senators and representatives) and will be limited to four meetings. The NCBA Construction Law Section believes that industry input is essential for the resulting legislation to be effective.

The following elected officials are serving on the committee: Chairs: Sen. Brunstetter and Rep. Sarah Stevens. Members: Sen. Goolsby, Sen. Stein, Sen. Harrington, Rep. Faison, Rep. Stam and Rep. Blackwell. Contact information can be found by going to and inserting the names in a “find a member” box.

If you are interested in being involved in the process, Hannah suggests you contact one of the legislators on the committee and volunteer your time and expertise. The goal from the outset has been for this process to be inclusive and for the end result to be a workable lien law which will inform and enhance the construction process in ways the current law does not seem to do, says Hannah.

“The NCBA Construction Law Section’s Lien and Bond Law Revision Committee is going to continue working on issues not addressed in what began as H489. If you have thoughts or suggestions you would like for th NCBA committee to consider, please share those with us,” says Hannah. “If you have thoughts and suggestions specific to what you want the legislature to consider, contact the members of the Study Committee, she adds. Read More.


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