Soldier to electrician: Start the pathway to your potential at Griffin Electric


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With the current job market being so competitive, there are many individuals who may be wondering: “what’s next?” as they contemplate their futures and navigate potential career options. For veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces transitioning back to civilian life in particular, this may be an especially overwhelming and challenging period. Those who may be uncertain about their next steps should be open to exploring the apprenticeship pathway at Wayne J. Griffin Electric, Inc. (Griffin Electric), and a fulfilling career in the trades.

A leading electrical and telecommunications subcontractor throughout New England and the Southeast for nearly 45 years, Griffin Electric and its free, four-year Apprenticeship Training Program is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and features a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job learning. Griffin Electric apprentices work on the company’s more than 250 active job sites throughout the year, including summer months while classes are not in session.

The company takes great pride in helping guide apprentices on “the pathway to your potential,” and toward a new, successful career. “I did a lot of different jobs until I found electrical work and I really enjoy it,” says a four-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran who works as a Mechanic at Griffin. “Electric work is a great challenge and rewarding.”

Veterans possess valuable characteristics, training, and experiences that can translate into sustainable careers in the trades, making them ideal candidates for Griffin’s in-house program. With a number of employees throughout the company who previously served in the military, Griffin Electric understands just how much of an asset these men and women can be. 

A Griffin Mechanic who served in the U.S. Navy for four years can attest to the fact that many of the special skills that veterans hone throughout their service translate well into a career in the trades. “I was an aircraft mechanic while serving in the Navy, so critical thinking, problem-solving/troubleshooting and mechanical aptitude are definitely skills that were directly transferrable to the electrical trade.”

Throughout the Apprenticeship Training Program school year, classroom and hands-on instruction takes place in the 27,500-sq. ft. of dedicated training space that is part of the company’s headquarters in Holliston, MA, and on-site at each of its regional offices in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, NC; Pelham, AL; and Doraville, GA.

Apprentices earn excellent compensation and are eligible for wage increases every six months, based on grades and work performance. They also receive full benefits while having the opportunity to gain 8,000 hours of practical field experience under the supervision of a licensed journeyperson. Through employment with Griffin Electric, and satisfactory participation and progress in its Apprenticeship Training Program, veterans may also be entitled to receive a monthly stipend from the VA through the Post-9/11 GI Bill to help meet the cost of everyday expenses.

Whatever an individual’s background may be, apprentices who go through Griffin Electric’s program are well prepared to achieve their licensure and transition into electrician and telecom technician roles.And while apprenticeship is where the path of training and education begins at Griffin, continual learning is emphasized at every level and there are always opportunities to learn new skills and grow with the company.

“The industry that we are in is growing fast and [Griffin Electric] is a great organization to work with just like the military,” says a Griffin Telecom Foreman who served in the U.S. Army for eight years. Team members who are dedicated and possess a willingness to take on greater challenges have opportunities to advance in various capacities and leadership roles, such as foreperson, estimating, and project management positions.

Griffin Electric is fortunate to have maintained a solid portfolio of work and is always open to adding talented, hard-working individuals who will strengthen its team. Due to internal promotions as well as company success and growth, Griffin is currently hiring for a number of positions throughout the company. Its people are Griffin Electric’s greatest strength, and the company knows achieving its motto of “Work with the Best. Be the Best” means hiring, training, and maintaining the best possible workforce.

Whether you are someone just starting out, or a seasoned military veteran navigating your next career move, why not explore your career options at Griffin Electric?

To learn more about the company and its employment opportunities, please visit, call its recruiting hotline at 800-421-0151, or email your resume to


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