Ryan Companies plans transformation for Greensboro’s Eastside


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Ryan Companies US, Inc. says work is underway to develop the remaining 30-acre parcel of land located in Greensboro’s Pyramid Village commercial district.

Situated along Highway 29 in Northeast Greensboro, the mixed-use project is expected to transform Greensboro’s east side neighborhood, which is currently experiencing new positive growth based on the City of Greensboro revitalization strategy for the community and metropolitan area.

“Ryan Companies believes in Greensboro and wants to invest in its future by creating transformative projects in collaboration with our local partners and the city,” said Connor Lewis, vice president of real estate development at Ryan Companies. “The Pyramid Village commercial district is a great opportunity for our team to contribute to the city’s ongoing revitalization effort.”

Construction will complete Pyramid Village’s connection to the recently completed final section and interchange of the I-840 urban loop. There will be “substantial employment opportunities for trade professionals during construction.”

“Once again, as a City Council, we are making good on our commitment to support equitable investments,” said Mayor Nancy Vaughan. “For years we have been waiting to develop this valuable property. This plan is in lockstep with our vision for East Greensboro.”

The mixed-use development will include healthcare, retail, multi-family, and hospitality facilities.

Introduced to Greensboro and the project by former City Councilman Jim Kee, Ryan and Connecticut-based TH3 Partners LLC will partner to develop the site. Ryan will also manage the construction process with the support of its local partners and will partner with local architecture and engineering firms to design the project.


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