Road work costs won’t be offloaded to schools: NC lawmakers

Workers use lifts to work on various areas at Oakview Elementary School in 2015 in Holly Springs.

North Carolina lawmakers finally decided that municipalities won’t be able to shift the cost of millions of dollars of road improvements on to school districts.

Road improvements around school construction projects has been a contentious issue in North Carolina for quite some time, says The Herald. But state legislators have been unable to make a decision on the issue until now.
Towns believe schools should pay for road improvements because of the additional traffic generated simply by their existence. School districts; however, beg to differ, citing road improvements have been excessive.
Legislators initially approved a bill making technical corrections to the budget. One section repealed the language limiting the ability of towns to get road reimbursements reduced. However, a subsequent bill was given the stamp of approval and it repeals the wording on road reimbursements in the first bill, which would leave the original budget wording in place.
Both bills are now with Governor Roy Cooper for approval.


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