Raleigh looking for options after Six Forks Road construction cost balloons to $119 million


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

The City of Raleigh is looking for feedback on five proposed designs for the Six Forks Road improvement project.

The design phase started in spring 2020, with a budget of $31.3 million. However, with the significant increase in real estate and in construction costs since 2020, the new budget for this proposed project is $119 million. This large funding gap cannot be addressed with the current funding resources and staff has assessed different options for this project.Options were presented to city council on Oct. 17, and are now available on the public engagement page for review and comments.

One option is to cancel or restart the project, which comes with a $3 million price tag for design work already completed.

The most expensive option on the table is to build a six-lane median-divided roadway from Rowan to Millbrook, at an estimated cost of $66.2 million.

Cheaper potential construction projects include:

  • Six-lane median-divided roadway from Rowan to North Glen – $35.6 million
  • Separated bike path and sidewalk from Rowan to Lynn – $49.4 million
  • Multi-use path from Rowan to Lynn – $44 million


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