Raleigh council approves funding to rehabilitate emergency shelter property


North Carolina Construction News staff writer

Raleigh City Council has approved $196,200 in funding for PLM Families Together, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting families experiencing homelessness.

The funding will be used to rehabilitate a property at 1100 Athens Drive. This property holds three housing units to be used for emergency shelter for families facing homelessness. The necessary repairs will provide safe refuge and allow PLM Families Together to continue their mission of supporting these families.

The nonprofit addresses homelessness in various ways. It provides emergency shelter, permanent housing, and offers support services to those experiencing homelessness.

“This decision reflects the city’s commitment to investing in solutions to homelessness and housing instability, ensuring that families in need have access to safe and stable housing,” the city says in a statement. “By partnering with organizations like PLM Families Together, Raleigh aims to create a more inclusive and supportive community for all its residents.”


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