Pool builders: Unlocking hidden value for contractors


By Tom Casey

North Carolina Construction News special feature

The housing market is booming in the Triangle, with more than 40,000 homes approved or built within the past seven years. With so many homes hitting the market, future homeowners have the luxury of choosing a house that meets all of their qualifications (neighborhood, size, yard, etc.). As a result, contractors need to make their project more appealing to homeowners, with added features, such as a swimming pool.

Typically, a house is built by contractors and then customized by the family. After buying the house, families then explore the idea of building a pool. In other cases, when a family already knows that they’ll be building one, they will only choose a house that offers the space for a swimming pool. Contractors can consolidate this process, though. Rather than waiting for a family to bring in a pool builder after the house is built, contractors can be strategic and make pool builders a cornerstone of the building process.

Oftentimes, including a swimming pool builder in the process means that the contractor must take on the swimming pool expense until a homebuyer comes along. But, identifying a pool-building partner that has the ability to underwrite the pool, can be a crucial money-saving strategy. This partnership allows the pool builder to hold off on charging the contractor for the pool until the house is sold, even if the house sits on the market for an extended period.           Underwriting is a unique capability to find in a swimming pool builder, but those with the capacity to do it will allow contractors to focus on building the home and selling it, rather than being tied up in payments. The addition of the pool adds immense market value to the home, though, so the collaborated effort of pool and home building is advantageous for the contractor.

While contractors will love the money-saving benefit of this collaboration, it’s important to consider the future homeowners as well, when choosing a pool builder. The underwriting process is a key attribute for contractors, but finding a swimming pool builder that can also provide service after the house is sold is just as important.

For one, swimming pools require regular maintenance, and if the house sits on the market for an extended period, someone will need to manage that. But also, new homeowners will be much more at ease knowing that, in addition to having the pool of their dreams, it already comes with a team ready to service the pool as needed.

With a growing market like the Triangle, contractors need to take the extra step to make their homes stand out. Bringing in a swimming pool builder from the onset can help contractors get the most value out of their project. A swimming pool builder that understands both the needs of the contractor and the future homeowner, though, can help contractors add the ultimate value when building a home.

Tom Casey is Vice President of Sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. He can be reached by phoning (215)-489-5626 or emailing TCasey@AnthonySylvan.com.


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