Overburden waste leads to profitability for NC contractor The Rock Man: MB Crusher


North Carolina Construction News special feature

On a beautiful morning near the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, The Rock Man was diligently working on a jobsite screening stones and various materials using MB Crusher equipment. The Rock Man is located in Canton, NC, which is approximately 19-miles west of the vibrant city of Asheville, NC.

Since 2000, The Rock Man provides construction and hardscaping services, as well as stone sales. In addition, they sale various stones ranging from river rock, Virginia gray stacking boulders, building stones to mountain landscape boulders.

Standing in front of his MB-S18 Screening Bucket installed on a Volvo excavator, The Rock Man co-owner Daniel Burris describes his experience using MB Crusher attachments as: “It’s been a wonderful product.”

EN Testimonial The Rockman LLC, USA from MB Crusher on Vimeo.

Discovering a profitable solution

Daniel explained The Rock Man’s journey to finding a profitable solution to handling overburden waste. During the overburden removal process, companies must use the most technically sound and cost-effective methods. Such environmental factors include groundwater contamination, effects on natural wildlife and plants, as well as air and sound pollution.

Furthermore, companies must also consider geological factors such as the prevention of landslides, rock falls, mudslides, and the capacity to bear heavy equipment and loads.

“We had about 750 loads of overburden from the river, hauled in river sand, river rock,” said Daniel. Left with a tremendous amount of overburden stockpiles, The Rock Man needed to find a method of not only processing the surplus, but being able to reuse the overburden for future projects.

“We got three different screener buckets and we customed one,” said Daniel. In fact, MB Crusher provides customized solutions for companies to meet any jobsite demand. For example, the MB Crusher screening buckets are ideal for selecting and screening inert materials right onsite.

Often, companies like The Rock Man will use more than one attachment on a construction project, depending on the type of application. On jobsites that require crushing, screening buckets can also be used before and after the crushing phase. Thus, reducing crushing time up to 60%.

Faster production rate

When explaining the advantages of using MB Crusher screening buckets, “They did it for us and it’s been wonderful. I mean, the pile went probably another hundred yards. We’ve had it for about six months,” Daniel stated.

In addition, Daniel said, “We use it when we can and it’s done a wonderful job.” “We chose them because their production rate was faster than any other company and we just really are pleased with it!”

About MB Crusher

For over 20 years, MB Crusher has been offering the largest line of patented crusher buckets and accessories for excavators, skid loaders and backhoes of all sizes, with extensive innovation and development. The values of the family-owned business have enabled MB Crusher to reach levels of internationally recognized excellence. Founded and headquartered in Italy, the company establishes itself globally through 9 international subsidiaries with logistic centers located on different continents, as well as an extensive network of authorized dealers and service support throughout the world. For more information on MB Crusher, visit us at https://www.mbcrusher.com/us/us/.

MB Crusher provided this sponsored feature to North Carolina Construction News


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