OFFSITEK partners with Charlotte-area municipalities to deliver affordable housing using robots and steel


A Charlotte-based integrated construction company is using robots, steel and creative partnerships with local municipalities “to give first-time homebuyers options that work within their budgets, are high quality and are better for the environment,” OFFSITEK says in a statement.

The City of Hickory recently announced a partnership to invest in the development and construction of affordable housing on city-owned property.

OFFSITEK is scheduled to break ground shortly on the home sites, priced between $145,000 and $175,000 in the Ridgeview Subdivision neighborhood.

“The city understands the need for affordable housing in Hickory. While some of it will happen organically, it is also important for the city to make a concerted effort to expand on that,” said City Manager Warren Wood.

“By working with JRN Development and OFFSITEK, a partnership was created that will benefit low to moderate income households, while also allowing us to put some of the proceeds back into the Community Development Block Grant program to be used to assist others.”

Utilizing advanced technology and sustainable components in their Charlotte, North Carolina factory, OFFSITEK merges automation, robotic assembly and cutting-edge software to deliver residential and commercial construction at reduced cost and lead times.

Steel is a resilient material with reserve strength that results in significant advantages in natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes and is mold and vermin resistant. Steel is dimensionally stable, eliminates construction waste significantly and is flame resistant.

“We are very excited to provide brand new, affordable quality homes to the residents of Charlotte,” said Rick Admani Abulhaj, managing director of OFFSITEK. “With the assistance of local municipalities, we are bringing the latest in innovative construction technology and environmental efficiency to provide first-time buyers a home they will love and a neighborhood they will be proud to be part of. The benefits of manufacturing a project offsite include significant improvement in productivity, efficiency and the quality of the construction process.”


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