North Carolina Responsible Building Industry Coalition Opposes HB 628


Optima Engineering has organized a coalition called North Carolina Responsible Building Industry Coalition for companies opposed to House Bill 628, referred to by some as the “Anti-LEED” bill. The proposed legislation passed the House and will likely be on the Senate Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Committee agenda on Tuesday, June 11.

The coalition of businesses from North Carolina is united in its belief that state government should follow the lead of the private sector’s better building practices and prioritize investments in local products, materials and services. With the support of state government through leadership commitments to construction standards with a track record of maximizing local investment and also saving energy, water and money, North Carolina businesses will be better positioned to thrive while also collectively reducing overall environmental impact.

This coalition supports legislation that grows the industry potential of all North Carolina businesses by prioritizing investment in local products, materials and services.

This coalition supports legislation that examines both the impact of construction standards on local business and industry, and also the opportunity construction standards play in making North Carolina leaders within the region.

This coalition opposes legislation that denigrates or undermines the value of voluntary building standards that North   Carolina businesses use to save energy, water and money.

This coalition opposes legislation that limits the ability of the state to choose the most responsible and appropriate construction standard to suit the needs of the project, the state, and the taxpayer.

This coalition opposes NC HB 628, which rejects the overwhelming market consensus on preferred responsible construction standards, eliminates popular options for guiding and verifying energy and water efficiency in buildings, adds cost to companies that have invested in popular programs, and stifles opportunity for job growth in North Carolina industries that support the local buildings industry.  Email Katie Stanley at  to add your company to the list.

Members include: Optima Engineering, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc., Building EnergetiCx, Superior Mechanical Services, Inc., CaraGreen, Sustainable Architectural Materials,  Columbia Forest Products, Commissioning WorCx,  Innovative Design,  Skanska, Stetten Realty, Inc., Stetten Home Services, Webb Engineering Pc, Livesmart Design, Emerald Reach Consulting, Green Property Solutions, TR Edwards Construction, North Carolina Construction News, Watson Tate Savory, Charles H. Ferguson, GAF,  Froehling, and Robertson, Inc., and Ecoimpact Consulting.  Read More.