North Carolina 811, pipeline operators schedule Mock Line Strike

Mock Line Strike image

North Carolina 811 and local pipeline operators have invited the construction industry participate in the North Carolina Mock Line Strike at no cost.

The announcement says excavators, emergency responders, utility operators, and public officials will witness the live-action demonstration at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh on Sept. 13.

“The Mock Line Strike demonstration will feature a simulated natural gas pipeline damage to illustrate the importance of calling before you dig and using industry best practices when working in close proximity to underground utility lines,” the announcement says. “While a narrator describes the details, industry professionals will demonstrate each step in the safe digging process using real equipment. From locating and marking an underground natural gas line, to exposing the facility using vacuum excavation, to consulting the pipeline operator for site-specific advice, excavators witness the best way to protect themselves from liability and injury.”


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