New Atlantic Contracting wins 2010 best general contractor Pinnacle Award



The Carolinas AGC bestowed the 2010 Best General Contactor Pinnacle Award on New Atlantic Contracting. New Atlantic specializes in complex building construction and renovations, focusing on education, medical and other institutional work. New Atlantic’s philosophy of “schedule is important, budget is important; but nothing is as important as safety” has absolutely paid off: New Atlantic has had zero losttime incidents in the history of the firm. Founded in 2002, its 50 employees work on 16 to 20 construction projects each year.

Comments from specialty contractors about working with New Atlantic.



“I respect the way that they intentionally keep their employees involved, in the loop, with the vision, with the business. The industry needs more New Atlantics…”

“On the preconstruction side, they have always done their part to anticipate questions and resolve conflicts ahead of time. This is particularly helpful in this market – they make everyone’s chance of success better – including ours.”

In 2010 particularly, they deserve recognition for not only their accomplishments, their vision of the future, but also their commitment to give back. They have leadership deeply involved in many professional associations, for the good of the entire construction community… They have a team approach that brings everyone together to get a job done as well as pride in the work you are doing to get it done right.”

“I believe that New Atlantic employees enjoy going to work every day and that is contagious to other trades. My guys like to work on New Atlantic’s jobs for these reasons. Thank you to Carolinas AGC for the job it does in giving recognition to the people that deserve something for doing more than just a job.”

From an Architect: “A lot of what made our experience great was that New Atlantic behaved like a David rather than like a Goliath. They do not restrain a project by big-company protocol as other companies their size sometimes get bogged down in. They always found a way to work around situations and find timely solutions. And they had fun.”

From an Owner: “New Atlantic could teach classes in construction management at risk as they truly know how to work with others – owners, architects, engineers,
subcontractors, etc. …I know that my comments are absurdly positive. I just want you to know that I would be privileged to attend the Carolinas AGC Pinnacle Awards ceremony and present them with this award. There is simply no one better in our experience.”

New Atlantic is employee-owned, with 30 shareholders sharing in its success. The firm joined Carolinas AGC in 2003, just after its founding. Read more at


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