NCMBC, general contractors invite subs for $100 to $250 million military construction project

AFGE Local 451 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Image from AFGE Local 451 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
The North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC) will host a virtual subcontracting event on Oct. 5 for a massive military construction project in Haverlock.
The P197 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar and Parking Garage project has an estimated cost magnitude of between $100 and $250 million.
The event is broken into two segments; Walsh Construction from 9 to 11 a.m. and BL Harbert International from 1 to 3 p.m.
The work at MCAS Cherry Point involves building “a two story low rise two squadron module Type 1 maintenance hangar for the F-35B Lightning II aircraft including a high bay space, crew and equipment space, and administrative space.”
Other details about the project’s scope include:
  • The building will be concrete masonry unit on a pile supported reinforced concrete slab-on-grade foundation with structural steel framing, steel roof trusses and pre-finished insulated metal roof.
  • Special construction features include 400Hz and 270v DC power, aircraft maintenance work stations, hanger work station kiosks, alarm systems, communication connections at aircraft parking locations, seismic construction, hazardous material storage areas, explosive material storage areas, sound attenuation, and vaults.
  • Project includes taxiway remarking and the renovation to existing¬†aircraft parking aprons in order to provide electrical grounding, work station kiosks and sun shades.
  • The hangar administrative space includes a special access program facility area for secured handling/storage of classified material/components up to top secret classification and pilot brief and debrief rooms.
  • Other primary facilities include an aircraft parking apron and cybersecurity features.
  • A parking structure for approximately 1,700 vehicles will be provided.
List of potential subcontracting opportunities:
  • Div 2: Abatement & Demolition
  • Div 3: CIP Concrete
  • Div 4: Unit Masonry
  • Div 5: Structural Steel; Misc. Metals
  • Div 6: Rough Carpentry; Finish Carpentry
  • Div 7: Air Barrier; SSMR; Joint Sealants/Expansion Joints
  • Div 8: Doors/Frames/Hardware; Overhead Coiling Doors; Steel Sliding Hangar Doors; Storefronts, Curtainwall, Glazing; Translucent Panels
  • Div 9: Flooring (tile, terrazzo, resilient, carpet); Resinous Epoxy Flooring Coating; Raised Access Flooring; Paint & Coatings; Metal Stud Framing/Gyp/ACT
  • Div 10-12: (Visual Display Units, Signage, Window Treatments, Toilet Compartments, Wall Protection, Toilet Accessories, Lockers, Entrance Matts, Bird Control Devices, Site Furnishings)
  • Div 14: Elevators
  • Div 21: Fire Protection (including AFFF)
  • Div 22: Plumbing
  • Div 23: HVAC
  • Div 26-28: Electrical
  • Div 31: Earthwork; Soil Treatment for Subterranean Termite; Deep Foundations; Fence and Gates; Landscaping
  • Div 41: Bridge Cranes


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