NC students win masony Gold Medals at national SkillsUSA Conference

masonry apprenticeship

North Carolina has added additional SkillsUSA National Medals to an already impressive collection, the North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association (NCMCA) reports in its newsletter.

Luke Dutton, West Rowan High School, and Alex Ossowski, Central Cabarrus High School, each earned masonry Gold Medals at the June National SkillsUSA Conference.

North Carolina’s total masonry medal count,including the two new ones: 31 Gold, 15 Silver, and 2 Bronze. No other state comes close, the association reported.

Nearly 400 North Carolinians from 15 colleges and 41 high schools traveled to Louisville to participate in the 51st annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference June 22-27, 2015.

“Total attendance was over 16,000 with every state and U.S. territory represented. All the North Carolina
teams did well. North Carolina had the third largest delegation for 2015 and earned 54 medallions, the third highest medal count in the nation, including 23 ‘Gold’ (second highest in the nation,) 20 ‘Silver’ (fifth highest in the nation,) and 11 ‘Bronze.'”

The masonry trade was strongly represented by 43 young bricklayers from 32 states. The high school masonry Silver Medal went to Tyler Hack of Fort Wayne, Indiana and Eric Kurtz of Perrysburg, Ohioclaimed the Bronze. Cody Palmer of Media, PA won the post-secondary/college masonry Silver Medal and Jose Hernandez of Phoenix won the Bronze.


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