NC Military Business Center announces Defense Contractor Academy


The North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC)  announce the Defense Contractor Academy to be hosted at Central Piedmont Community  College in Charlotte. The Defense Contractor Academy  will offer advanced instruction and a certificate of completion to existing,  small business defense contractors to provide the tools needed to grow the  defense contracting portion of their business portfolio.

A series of nine classes  will be offered over an nine-week period, once a week, beginning January 19,  2012 and ending March 15, 2012.  Each session will include presentation of  material and either a panel or guest business(es) to discuss their experiences  regarding the topic of the session.

“The Defense Contractor Academy  provides the advanced skills businesses need in federal business development,  competitive processes and federal contracting procedures to grow in the federal  marketplace – and to grow jobs in North Carolina,” said Scott Dorney, Executive  Director of the NCMBC.

Companies interested in applying for  the Defense Contractor Academy can visit:    Applications will close on January 2.


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