NC legislators will start over on immigration


The News & Observer reports North Carolina lawmakers eager to toughen the state’s immigration laws remain committed to the effort, despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling Monday.

“While I’m disappointed that they didn’t rule entirely for the law in Arizona, they didn’t close the door completely,” said Rep. Harry Warren, a Salisbury Republican who led the House immigration efforts.

A special House panel tasked with examining the state’s immigration laws delayed taking action earlier this month, citing the Arizona case before the court. The legislature is highly unlikely to consider the issue before adjourning July 2.  The panel is to develop a report and possibly legislation by the end of the year.

State Sen. Austin Allran, a Hickory Republican, pushed a bill through the Senate that closely tracked the Arizona law. The House didn’t want to consider the measure and with the court’s ruling, Allran acknowledged it’s dead for good. “It makes everybody go back to the drawing board,” he said.

Allran said he understands the court’s ruling putting the power to regulate immigration in the federal government’s hands but he is frustrated with the Obama administration’s inaction.

But advocates for illegal immigrants suggest the court’s decision should “serve as a warning to lawmakers.”  “I feel this is a clear message from the Supreme Court that policies like Arizona … are an unlawful infringement on federal law,” said Jess George, executive director of the  Latin American Coalition in Charlotte.  Read More.


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