NC boosted water and wastewater infrastructure project spending with federal funds

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The Yadkin Valley Sewer Authority in Elkin will receive $4 million for floodplain resiliency wastewater collection system improvements. Also, Jonesville will receive $8.1 million for water treatment plant filter and clear well replacement and $6.9 million for meters and water line replacement.

“Access to clean drinking water is critical for healthy and thriving communities,” Gov. Roy Cooper said in a statement “This funding will give families and business owners in Jonesville, Elkin and Ronda more confidence in their infrastructure so they can continue to grow.”

Federal funding boosted North Carolina’s water and wastewater infrastructure budget to $2.3 billion over two years.

In July, $789.4 million was announced for 385 initiatives statewide, including 140 construction projects.

Rowland is among seven Robeson County municipalities awarded more than $46 million in grant and loan funding through the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Infrastructure.

“These much-needed improvements will improve and enhance the performance and the resiliency of our wastewater treatment plant while improving the quality of life by allowing us to better serve the citizens of Rowland,” said Rowland Mayor Robert McDougald. “It is my hope and our intent to expand and improve these capabilities in order to attract additional housing development and more manufacturing and business opportunities to our area.”

The Town of Rowland is under a sewer line moratorium due to regularly exceeding flows at the treatment plant. The project will help eliminate large volumes of extraneous flow in the system and help end the sewer line moratorium.

Sampson County is receiving a $13.2 million grant for water infrastructure.

“All North Carolinians deserve safe and clean drinking water,” Cooper said. “This investment will help families, and business owners in Ivanhoe have confidence that this community will continue to grow and thrive.”

The new water supply system will create 40 miles of new water lines and connect over 350 homes at no cost to homeowners.


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