NC Bar Association invites construction industry input on lien law revisions


The North Carolina Bar Association’s Construction Law Section Lien and Bond Law Revision Committee will host a “summit” of construction industry leaders at 2:00 pm, Tuesday, January 4 at the NC Bar Center in Cary. The NC Bar Center is located at 8000 Weston Parkway.

The Committee invites industry leaders and association representatives to attend the public meeting for the purpose of explaining and discussing proposed revisions to the NC Lien and Bond Law (Chapter 44A, Articles 2 and 3). The current Draft of the proposed legislation and Summary (12/28 Draft) is available by clicking on the following links: Lien Revision and Lien Revision Summary.

The drafting committee has worked to revise the statutes to comport more closely with current industry practices and to address case law and economic conditions which have revealed deficiencies or troubling sections of the existing law.

The Draft represents a snapshot of where the drafting committee is in its efforts to craft legislation that hopefully will gain general approval by all industry groups. It should not be considered a final Draft nor even a preliminary Draft fully endorsed by the Drafting Subcommittee or the Committee. Nor should it be considered a draft endorsed by the Construction Law Section or the NC Bar Association. The association realize that substance aside, there are probably numerous formatting issues to be addressed as well. With that lengthy disclaimer, the association looks forward to having as many industry leaders attend as are able to receive comments and input.

NC Bar Association Section Chairs, Section Legislative Chairs, members of the Construction Law Section, executive directors, and governmental affairs advisors for industry groups have been invited. If you plan to attend, RSVP to Should you have questions, email or


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