Masonry worker killed, four others injured in Hendersonville retaining wall collapse

hajoc parking lot

A 37-year-old masonry worker died and four others were injured after a Jan. 13 retaining wall collapse at Hendersonville plumbing business.

Officials reported on the city’s Facebook page that a crew was doing work on a retaining wall, which collapsed in the parking lot of Hajoca at 1027 Spartanburg Hwy.

Hendersonville officials said “emergency responders assessed the scene and began rescue and recovery efforts.”

“First responders determined there were five contracted masonry crew members with Robert Crawford Masonry in the area of the wall collapse,” the city statement said.

“One crew member, who escaped the collapse with minor injuries, relayed information that four additional crew members were working with him. Emergency services personnel conducted rescue efforts to extricate three men, followed by recovery efforts to retrieve the man who died when the wall collapsed.”

Officials identified the victim as Marcelino Godofredo Rendon Hernandez.

The NC Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division and the Hendersonville Police Department are investigating the incident.


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