Masonry Contractors Association mark annual Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Design Competition


The Masonry Contractors Association of America (MCAA) recently marked its 16th annual Sigmon Memorial Scholarship Design Competition at NC State University in Raleigh.

MCAA notes that the annual competition is part of professor J. Patrick Rand’s “Architectural Construction Systems” class at NC State University’s College of Design and is a graded class assignment. Ten teams of four students were charged with designing and modeling a hypothetical masonry office building.

NC State University reported on its website that the building designed “needed to house a showroom and office space for the southeast region of The Masonry Society. Their proposals were to include the use of masonry construction in an insightful way.”

Judges, who included NC Masonry Contractors Association president Robert Gates and Christina Subasic, president-elect of The Masonry Society, looked at criteria including use of modular coordination; innovation; technical performance (stability weather resistance, etc.); and presentation clarity and quality.

Top honors were presented to four teams with the winning team sharing the prize of a semester’s in-state tuition.


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