Lien Law changes ahead?


Are you familiar with North Carolina lien law provisions?  Ever think  they should be changed and updated?   You are not alone.  The NC Bar Association (through the Lien Law Revision Committee of the Construction Section) is in the process of preparing substantive changes to a proposed new Lien Law statue.   The committee is aiming to have a prepared piece of legislation drafted for consideration in the upcoming legislative session of the General Assembly.  According to the Lien Law Committee, revisions to the statue are needed for several reasons  including: Handling the uncertainity created by recent Bankruptcy court decisions relating to liens; Reexaming the “relation back” and “double payment” issues in current lien law; Rexaming the long form lien waivers and current problems with these waivers.I was given a copy of a lien law draft proposal for revision to the lien law. The Lien Law Committee wants their proposal to be discussed by the construction industry, so that all sides can be fully vested in the new lien process.  The proposal contains some rather large changes to the lien statue. Are these good, bad, or irrelevant to your business.

 Email the Lien Law Committee any thoughts, questions, suggestions.  or concerns. Read More.

by Melissa Brumback, Ragsdale Liggett PLLC


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