How to keep your website fresh with a content management system


by Daniel Garner, Guest writer

    Having a company website is a lot like having a company car.  It’s great to have a certain amount of upkeep when necessary.  To be a true asset for your business, your site needs routine maintenance to ensure it won’t leave you sitting in last place.   If you intend to use your company website to its fullest potential, you should be updating its content regularly.  A website full of stagnant, outdated information suggests to your potential customers that your company is also at a stand-still.

    That’s where a website build around a Content Management System (CMS) is beneficial.  Before CMS websites were available, content updates had to be performed by a qualified web designer who would access your hosting account, update the HTML code, upload new pictures, and then replace the old source files with your new updated version. Not only does this method require the employ of outside help, but it also necessitates that you are willing to wait for your updates to be done.  With your own CMS website, you can take control of your updates.  When you have a new development, you can post it!  Tired of looking at those old bio pictures? Replace them!  The ability to manipulate the content of your site is endless.

    A great CMS website will provide you the tools to do anything a qualified web designer could do in the scope of an HTML webpage.  You can change fonts, colors, create links, and even create your own new pages that link as sub-pages under your main navigation.  Needless to say, the major search engines, like Google, take notice of sites with new, fresh rotating content.  And the best part…you never have to pay a designer’s update fee again!
Daniel Gardner is Director of Customer Relationship & Training for 123Triad Web Design, headquartered in Raleigh, NC. For more information about Web Design and Web Marketing, visit or call 1-800-720-0816


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