How to expand your customer list


Guest editorial by Chris Hearn:

Here at Qudeso, we get asked nearly every day how we find new customers. What secrets do we take out of the closet, aim out the window and voila’, the phone begins to ring, the electronic messaging starts to roll in, and there is that always welcome knock on our door.

What our clients and partners are really asking is the longest standing quest in business: “How do we get more people to talk to?” The answers are the Holy Grail for every marketer, organization and roadside vegetable stand in the country.  While the answers are, at times, self evident, mostly they require dedication to detail, a real appreciation and understanding of the best things you make or do and a commitment to make sure that your message is heard clearly, repeatedly and appreciatively  in your marketplace, and beyond.

Truth is, there aren’t any secrets to aim out the window and Qudeso can share what we regularly do to grow and deepen our client list:

  1. We regularly expand our line of products and services designed to fill specific customer needs. Additionally, we craft our client projects to be scalable, measureable and easy to use, modify and interpret.  No two clients ever want exactly the same thing and one size never fits all.
  2.  We attend as many industry events, trade shows, round tables, lunches, association meetings and adult level flash mobs as possible. (Well, maybe not flash mobs.) The information available and the concentrated number of good contacts are not found in any other venue for the money.
  3. Finally, we listen. When prospective clients tell us about their business, their economic resource and resulting staff level limitations, we listen.  When they ask us: “Can you help us with…?” we start to ask a lot of questions, resulting in our company growing a little bigger.

We think our ideas can work for you. To find out more, contact us.  Qudeso can help you get your business where you want it to grow.

Chris Hearn is Co-Founder of Qudeso, a North Carolina-based full service marketing firm. For more information call 919-395-1802 or email




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